The Wonder of Believing
The Wonder of Believing
Saddle Stitch Softcover
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This is a story written to give parents a tool to help their children realize the true message of Christmas. While the traditions of Christmas can smother the message that parents desire to emphasize, this story will guide their children as they realize the truth and follow their hearts as God draws them to Himself. The story takes place as a child named Brayla journey’s through the confusion of the mixed messages that can come along with the Christmas celebration. The conclusion brings resolution to the heartache that comes as some traditions may bring disappointment and mistrust. Many blessings to all who will enjoy this special book!

My Savior, Jesus, took my place He gave His life for Me!

They took Him down that lonely road to a place called Calvary.

The things I used to love so much they faded in my view.

Now Santa and that rosy face, I knew it was not true.

I so much love this time of year the lights, the trees and Christmas cheer.

But now it gives a brand new joy, because my Savior has come near.

Greg Scherrer is the pastor of Hi-Plains Baptist Church of Limon, Colorado, and teaches music in the local public school. He and his wife, DeAnn, came to know Christ as Savior in January of 1991 and give thanks to God for the change granted to them. His desire to advance the message of the gospel and the hope that lies within a relationship with Christ is what has stimulated his writing and study of the word. He loves to conduct church choirs and concert bands and perform on his own instrument, the trumpet. He also enjoys coaching track and field and counts each day an opportunity to affect others with the hope that lies within him. This children’s book stems from his desire to bring glory to Jesus Christ and to bring a true hope to those that read it.

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Saddle Stitch Softcover
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