God Loves Hummingbirds Too
God Loves Hummingbirds Too
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Donna and Dave move into their new retirement home. They decorate their home in red, black, white and cream colors. Yard art includes farm art roosters, patriotic items, and many plants. Within a month, they have about thirty hummingbirds settle in. Donna and Dave find great pleasure watching the birds. This story demonstrates the joys and complexities they face as they care and feed for these birds. Each chapter features one of the experiences that happen over the course of several months, April to October. Through each experience, Dave and Donna are able to help Matthew and Sophia (their grand nephew and niece) understand that God created, loves, and cares for all things. They teach Matthew and Sophia that God expects mankind to love Him, care for all things, and care for each other. A Scripture augments each painting.

“Come here little fellow,” Uncle Dave said softly as he carefully scooped up the limp bird in his hands. He inspected the hummer closely and noticed that he truly was breathing. The bird was very warm and sweaty. “You don’t seem to be badly hurt, but your heart is beating way too fast! Here you go little one, rest here on my footstool for a moment. Then you will feel much better.” Uncle Dave fanned the hummer to help him cool off. “He is not moving. Is he broken?” inquired Sophia By this time Aunt Donna had come running. She stood behind Uncle Dave and leaned in to pray with him. “Father God, into Your Hands we commit this little creature that You have made. He is hurt but You know what he needs, and You have the Power to fi x him.” They watched eagerly to see what God would do for this bird.

VICKIE SPITZENGEL is mother of two precious children and teaches preschool church. She loves children’s curiosity, questions, rationalizations, and outlook on life. Vickie enjoys reading, writing, crafts, and gardening, and this book includes her first painting efforts. She loves to share her faith in Christ Jesus, to show who Christ Jesus is.

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Perfect Bound Softcover
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