A Walk in the Garden
A Walk in the Garden
A Collection of Spiritual Analogies and Truths
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This collection presents a series of inspired analogies and truths depicting the redeeming and sustaining power of God that were divinely given to an ordinary believer. Following a spiritual awakening at the altar in the 1970s, author Nancy E. Alexander began the daily devotion of journaling her thoughts, ideas, and spiritual musings about her relationship with God and the world around her. Inspired by the Holy Spirit, the words and thoughts came freely in response to daily Bible study. In time, the thoughts waned, and the collection was shelved. Now, forty years later, Alexander revisits those writings and finds fresh and unexpected meaning. In A Walk in the Garden, she presents an inspired collection of analogies and truths depicting the redeeming and sustaining power of God. Revealing a forty-year spiritual journey, the entries ponder an array of thoughts—forgiveness, acceptance, renewal, grace, the idea of eternity, and miracles. A Walk in the Garden presents a collection of writings that help you reflect on your own walk with God. It communicates the message that God calls to you and seeks you out each day.

As I read Christian’s experience (Pilgrim’s Progress) of his burden falling from his back and tears flowing at the sight of the cross (with the sepulcher below), I had the calm assurance that God had spoken to me the same thing that Sunday at the altar. In these past four years, He has been teaching me to accept what He gave to me then. Indeed there is no burden that He has not taken from me. And when I have chosen to let those things for which I have concern or feel responsibility weighing heavily upon me, I am saying to the Lord, “I don’t accept what you have done for me.”

With our eyes on the cross, all burden falls from us into the open sepulcher, and we are free…free to love Him, worship Him, and do His will.

Then He lives in us and through us so that we, living and moving in His will, are instruments to meet the needs of the world around us. With His working through us, concerns and responsibilities are met and seen, not as overpowering burdens but opportunities and avenues for His love to be manifest in real life-changing ways

Nancy E. Alexander began writing in the early 1970s, and her works have been published in Christian magazines. Throughout her adult life, she has been involved in the local church and various ministries. Married more than fifty years, Alexander and her husband Charles raised two children. She lives in Frisco, Texas.

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