Overcoming a Broken Heart
Overcoming a Broken Heart
Memoirs of a Single Mother
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As a babe in Christ, author Kimi Y. Bivins experienced deep wounds that have taken years to heal. In Overcoming a Broken Heart, she narrates her journey of mending that broken heart throughout the years. She shows how she developed faith through wisdom and contemplation.

In this compilation of memoir, poetry, and reflections, Bivins addresses important issues of the church while at the same time providing insight into what it’s like raising a child on one’s own. Overcoming a Broken Heart considers the importance of worship, the impact of relationships, the role of an active father in a child’s life, the goal of working toward God’s purpose in our life, and the responsibility of the church to aid in forgiveness.

Poetry, some of which was given to her by the Holy Spirit, offered her a way to overcome her broken heart. She hopes that her work can help others undergoing the same pain that she experienced.

With emotional depth, Bivins contemplates her life and those of the church, church leaders, and other Christians through Scripture, poetry, and prayer.

I believe that faith is when God deals to us all
A certain measure of faith
But we must cultivate it
By drawing near to him and meditating on his word everyday

I believe that faith grows
As I learn to trust and love him with all of my heart
Every morning he allows me to awake
I will acknowledge him before the day starts

I believe that faith is when I realized
And finally came to the end of myself
Then and only then
God was the only option I had left

This is what I believe faith is
2 April 2009

Kimi Y. Bivins earned a bachelor’s degree from Grantham University in St. Louis, Missouri. She is on active duty in the military and has served twenty-three years. Bivins is currently working on a master’s degree in human resources. She has one daughter and lives in Alabama. This is her debut book.

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