Don’t Miss It—I Almost Did
Don’t Miss It—I Almost Did
The Silent Storm on the Horizon
Perfect Bound Softcover
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In 1998, Ellen received the first of three messages from God - You will be affected by cancer, but you will be okay. She told her husband, John, of what she’d heard, but he dismissed it, and in the end so did Ellen. Years later, God quickened her spirit and she was reminded of those messages in 2010 when John was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer. Heartbreakingly honest, Don’t Miss It—I Almost Did shares Ellen’s story of how God helped her cope with her husband’s cancer and untimely death. But even more, she reveals the life lessons she gained from the experience, ones that she would not have learned any other way. Ellen relates the signs of her husband’s cancer she saw only in retrospect and talks about life as a widow. She also tells tales from her past, using them to show how God was by her side the entire time, preparing and shaping her for the hard times to come. She speaks openly and frankly about her journey, revealing the difficulty of caring for her husband during his illness, the grief over his death, and the strength she found within the Lord’s arms. A story of love, loss, and hope, Don’t Miss It—I Almost Did is an inspiring testament to God’s faithfulness. “It’s an amazing story of human trial, adversity, love, and the power of prayer and faith. Ellen finds the good in the most challenging of circumstances.” —Lieutenant Colonel Garrick Strong, (retired), Cypress, Texas “You will cry, laugh, and praise the Lord! You will be amazed how God went before her every step of the way. Her speaking will capture you as she tells her story and you will hang on every word.” —Lieutenant Colonel Carol Strong, (retired), Cypress, Texas

…“She climbed into the car and she asked how Dad’s tests went; I was evasive. I wanted to wait until we could get home and I would sit down with her. John couldn’t speak. The tears rolled down his face silently as he sat in the front seat. I was the one keeping it all together. As I was driving home, Alexandra decided to turn on her phone since it had to be off during school hours. She was excited because her phone alerted her to tell her there was a message. She said from the back seat, “Mama, you sent me a text?” I froze because I knew I didn’t send her a text. Unfortunately, this is when technology did not work in my favor. She read it slowly from the back seat. It said, “John has cancer. Please pray.” Life was now beginning to change rapidly.”…

Ellen holds a BA in English Literature and a MS in Hospitality/Sales & Marketing. She is an entrepreneur, author and an inspirational speaker. She founded Find The Missing Piece, Inc., a non-profi t organization that assists cancer patients with their needs. All writing proceeds help to assist and fund this organization. You can visit them online at fi Ms. Dettore lives in Houston, Texas with her daughter, Alexandra, and their two dogs Snickers and Buttercup.

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