God’s Relentless Heart for His Daughters
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Most of us encounter times in which we feel forgotten, overlooked, or invisible. In Unforgettable, author Stephanie Henderson speaks to the core of a woman’s heart, where these feelings often dwell. She not only reveals her personal journey with the Lord, but also explores applicable biblical teachings and inspirational anecdotes to help women understand themselves more deeply and discover that they too are unforgettable through the lens of God’s vast love and grace.

Through stories of remarkable and powerful women in the Bible—such as Hannah, Jochebed, Elizabeth, Mary, and Mary Magdalene—Henderson conveys God’s covenantal relationship with each one of his daughters to protect and provide for them despite circumstances or appearances to the contrary. Henderson relies on details of her own journey as well as twenty years of ministry experience to inspire women to embrace the truth of “daughterhood” and believe that God’s word is true.

Unforgettable provides the inspiration to create enlightening moments in the hearts of women as they discover their place in God’s heart and ultimately transform their relationships, their understanding of Scripture, and the way they pray.

My earnest prayer continued, “Lord, what am I going to do? What if I don’t make it to Tampa? What if I don’t even arrive by the next day and miss the conference all together? They’ve planned, marketed, and worked so hard for this to be successful. What will happen?” I finally said, “Lord, what do you have to say about all of this?” I stopped walking and stood still, waiting for an answer to my obviously urgent request. Again, just silence. I’ve known the Lord since I was eight years old. I also know from experience that when God is silent, it’s usually because I’m not ready for the answer or I’m not ready to listen. He waits to have my complete attention, so I found a quiet place to sit, placed my baggage by my feet, and just waited. After a few moments, I said, “Okay, I’m ready to listen. What, Father, are you going to do?” After a few moments, the Lord spoke to my heart, and said, “You need to stop it.” That was it. I thought, What? What does that mean? In a still, small voice, the Lord said, “You need to stop it, Stephanie. Behave like my daughter.” I was stunned at this response. Like a load of bricks on my head, I realized that God was teaching me something that had nothing to do with delayed or cancelled flights. As I pondered the statement, “Behave like my daughter,” I realized that I had no idea how to do what he said or what that fully meant. I sat in silence. I finally said, “Father, I have no idea how to do that.” I remained quiet for several minutes to really take this phrase in. How does a daughter behave? I asked the Lord for wisdom to know what I should say next because I honestly had no clue. After several more minutes of searching God’s heart for wisdom, I said, “Father, you know what I need. Your Word says, “Your Father knows what you need before you ask him” Matthew 6:8b (NIV). You already understand the importance of this weekend, and I’m going to wait and trust that you will make a way.” As the words came out of my mouth, I felt this overwhelming sense of peace surround me. I also realized that my Father is able to handle this situation, and my need is already urgent in his hands. A few minutes later, an announcement came from the flight desk, “Stephanie Henderson, would you approach the flight desk, please?” I walked up, and to my surprise, the gate agent handed me the last ticket for the last seat on the oversold flight. I arrived fifteen minutes late to Tampa, but right on time for my meeting. This experience challenged my understanding of daughterhood. Even though I have known the Lord as my Savior since childhood, what God revealed to me in the Denver airport was different in many ways. Although I have known Him all these years, I never fully comprehended how to respond to Him as a daughter. I was curious about this new depth of understanding and aware that there was something so much more in my relationship with Christ that had been missing. I honestly had no idea what it was, but I knew God was leading me on a journey to discover the answer. Upon returning home from the conference in Florida, I began researching Scriptures on the concept of being God’s daughter. As I studied God’s Word and spent time seeking God’s heart for me, His daughter, I realized that within the years of serving God, a degree of intimacy and trust was missing. Through this discovery, the Lord has taught me the beautiful truth of behaving like his girl. This understanding of the Father’s heart has brought a level of peace, confidence, and security that I had not yet known. I looked back on my life at the many times I felt like maybe God had forgotten me. Sometimes I needed to wait for an answer, and I had mistakenly believed that His promises were for others and not for me. I’ve faced disappointments and challenges in which I had difficulty seeing God’s hand in my life. At other times I felt so alone and wondered if God even knew. This depth of understanding of daughterhood challenged those times as I looked back over the years. As Isaiah 49:15b–16a (NIV) says, “I could never forget you … See, I have even engraved your name upon the palm of my hand.” This verse speaks volumes to those times when I misunderstood my value to my heavenly Father. My name is engraved on the palm of His hand — a promise of His covenant in our relationship. Through these next several chapters, we will peer into the life of Hannah, who exemplified persistence in prayer; into the courageous heart of Moses’ mother, Jochebed; into the favored stance of Elizabeth, mother of John the Baptist and Mary, the mother of Jesus; and into the expression of forgiveness of the sinful woman, Mary Magdalene. We will discover the life-transforming truths of daughterhood as portrayed in these powerful women’s lives. My wish is for you to be able to reframe the way you think about yourself and the way God views you. God is relentless in His pursuit of having relationship with you, bringing peace and healing in your life, and showing you how to live a life victoriously. He wants to unfold His amazing destiny He has planned. As children of God, we are not numbered placeholders in a sea of humanity. We are His. We are His one and only, as far as He is concerned. We matter. My prayer is that this teaching will impact your life as much as it has impacted mine. My hope is that you also will realize that as a daughter of the living God, you too are truly unforgettable.
Stephanie is a native of New Orleans, Louisiana, and the founder of Stephanie Henderson Ministries. With more than thirty years of ministry experience, Stephanie is well seasoned in biblical instruction, personal counseling, and the gift of bringing encouragement and hope into life’s most difficult situations. Stephanie's transparency and warmth provide a conference atmosphere where true ministry and personal connection are experienced. Through many difficult circumstances in her own life, Stephanie has decided to share a message of victory, not victimization, and speak life into the hearts of women. Through grieving over the sudden death of her late husband and pastor, John Guerra, overcoming adolescent eating disorders, and breaking free from the bonds of sexual abuse, she has been gifted with grace to speak boldness and faith into many of life’s darkest circumstances. She shares, “When facing hardship, it can become difficult to believe that there is a better day ahead. So many times, I needed someone to walk through the circumstance with me and give assurance that I was going to make it. God did. Through understanding His Word and embracing His love, the Lord sustained, healed, and delivered me time and again. I am forever grateful.” Stephanie is a well respected conference speaker, counselor, and writer. She is happily married to husband George Henderson, and they reside in Colorado and attend New Life Church. They enjoy outdoor activities, traveling, and most of all, spending time with their family. Their family includes daughter, Jessica, and sons, John Mark and James. Moe, their five-pound Yorkie, is the family mascot. Stephanie enjoys decorating, backpacking, rock climbing, event planning, and making fondant cakes.

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