Destiny Deferred
Destiny Deferred
A Love Story
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David cannot help but think that life is a dirty trick. Troubled and insecure as a teen, David is trudging through life feeling unloved. Neither his friends nor family know about the demons he battles or the pain he hides inside. Desperate to ease his heartache, seventeen-year-old David turns to pornography and drugs. But as David quickly speeds down a road of destruction, he has no idea he is about to meet his destiny. When David discovers he has a secret admirer, he agrees to meet Tamara, the naive, unsuspecting girl of his dreams who immediately captures his heart. David, who worries Tamara will not be so admiring if she knows of his weakened spirit and character defects, is thrilled when Tamara falls in love with him. Eventually the couple is introduced to God’s unconditional love. After they marry, both believe they will live in bliss—until David develops a rebellious heart against God and welcomes his demons back into his life. As a whirlwind of calamity brews, David begins questioning everything, including his faith. Inspired by true events, Destiny Deferred is a touching story about human failures, forgiveness, and faith as a broken man is confronted with his ultimate showdown—insanity versus sanctification—bringing into question God’s plan for him. “This is a beautiful story of love, grace, and redemption. As a counselor, I would heartedly recommend this book for anyone who is wondering if he or she, too, can be forgiven and given a second chance.” —Kathleen Arveson, PhD, certified professional counselor

We left the bar, and as we walked to my car with Ronnie’s arms curled under mine, she said, “David, you’re so handsome.” She looked at me mischievously. Her exotic almond-shaped eyes suggested the pleasures she held for any man that would possess her. She was a voluptuous babe, just as hot and steamy as the temperature was that time of year in the inner city of Baltimore. As we reached the half-lit parking lot, my heart was beating triple time. She was a real firecracker, and between the two of us, sparks were flying. She was the kind of woman that could arouse a man’s attention in more ways than one. I knew she was a little drunk, and I tried to settle her down by suggesting, “Maybe you had too much to drink; let me take you home.”
“I know exactly what I’m doing,” she said.
While I drove, she was as playful as a kitten, teasing me with soft, lush kisses on my neck. Ronnie was having her way with no resistance from me. What was I doing? Breaking my wedding vows, I had betrayed Tamara in the one way that I said that I would never do. I was caught up in the moment.
Upon our arrival at Ronnie’s apartment, she was as frisky as ever. She got out of the car and motioned with her finger for me to follow. Like a sheep going to slaughter, I followed the desires of my lower nature. This was crazy; I had not intended to go this far, but I felt like I was at the point of no return. We took the stairs to her second-floor apartment, all the while with her hands on some part of my anatomy. But I wasn’t innocent; Ronnie was an attractive lady, and lust was not hard for me to come by. I was touching her in places that piqued her emotions.
As soon as we entered her apartment, she grabbed me by the hand. “Let me give you a quick tour.” As we headed straight for the bedroom, she hurriedly called out, “That’s the kitchen, that’s the living room, there’s the bathroom, and here’s the bedroom.” We were then in her bedroom, and she was taking off her clothes with no shame. I am done, I thought. I might as well make the best of it.
As we began our carnal connection, Ronnie was crazed with obsession, and I liked it. The shape of her body, her breath upon my face, her intimate sounds of passion—this felt unreal. We were intimate strangers, but our naked bodies found companionship by indulging in the bare pleasures of sexuality. The night was full of steamy passion. I had not been with anyone but Tamara for ten years or more. Experiencing this woman unfamiliar to me was exciting. It was certainly not her first time, but judging by her reaction when I touched her body, her most recent intimate encounter must have taken place a long time ago. She wanted me to stay the night, but I knew I had to go and Tamara would be waiting. I told her that I would call her the next day.

David had just left Ronnie’s apartment. Unknown to him, the ball had been set in motion, the pendulum was now in full swing, and the bloodhounds from hell had gotten the scent of wounded prey. He was spiritually crippled and carnally motivated; only an act of God could stop the devastation that was about to follow.

On the ride home, I was initially feeling exuberant about my occurrence with Ronnie. However, by the time I pulled into my driveway, I felt like I had somehow soiled my soul. I had blown it. I said a “flare prayer,” asking God to forgive me, and I prayed that Tamara would never find out. I got in around one o’clock in the morning. Tamara was lying in bed but not asleep. As soon as I hit the bedroom door, Tamara sarcastically said, “Another late-night conference?”
“I’m sorry; my time got away from me,” I said, trying not to give hint to the guiltiness flashing in my conscience. As we continued in conversation, it escalated into an argument. The more she prodded me to do right by her, the more irritated I got. She really was not saying anything wrong. It was me; I was frustrated by my lack of morality. I had ventured into folly and foolishness for the pure purpose of pleasure. Nothing was going to make this night right but confession, repentance, and forgiveness. I could do the confession and maybe the repentance; however, there was no surety Tamara would pardon me. Subsequently, we argued till the break of dawn. I believe the only person who got sleep that night was Autumn, and I’m not quite sure of that.
The next day, I called Ronnie and asked her if I could see her again. She was all for it. This became the routine for a couple of weeks. We would meet at her apartment and continue our scandalous affair. I would tell Tamara that I had to work late and spend hours with Ronnie. On Thursdays, we would see each other at the bowling alley and be very discreet. But when we were alone, she became seductive and seemed like a woman willing to try anything once.
In the meantime, my marriage was deteriorating.

Donnell H. Watts has received credited certificates of study from Emmaus Bible College in Dubuque, Iowa; has written monthly newsletters for the men’s Bible group, My Brother’s Keeper; and has acted as facilitator for Celebrate Recovery; a support group. He is currently serving as Outreach Director for the Mosaic Church of Frederick, Maryland. Donnell resides in Gaithersburg, Maryland with his wife of thirty-plus years and has one daughter.
I just wanted to inform readers - this is an exellent book. Wow! the Author displays so much personality into the characters. If, you ever wanted to know, if there is a second chance in life - you must read this book. What a wonderful story about love, relationships, forgiveness and a God who loves his people. Don't delay read today.

I found the book very interesting, moving and a wonderful story and especially well written with a fresh approach. The theme though religious can be appreciated by even non-believers. Man’s failures and set backs are not always fatal, and I like the way the author handles this and other themes. A good book does not have to contain violence, excessive sexual scenes or profanity to hold the readers’ attention. In fact, the lack of those traits, so common in books and movies, make this story one that more modest readers and those with “sensitive-ears” can enjoy. For the more worldly readers, there are innuendoes with enough said to provide you with the “love” and sex you like in a book. But, the main message the author wants the reader to get, whether you agree or not, is made painstakingly clear.

Donnell Watts writes with the proficiency and skill that exceeds many authors, and he shows an understanding of people and many different fields. He does not continuously resort and rely on clichés as many new authors, but comes up with his own descriptions that are more vivid and clear. For example, instead of saying, “She was my everything” or “the icing on the cake,” he says, “She was the gas in my tank.” The latter provides an even clearer representation of a motivating force without elevating the woman to God. Mr. Watts also shows his skill and understanding in the area of psychology when he talks about forgiveness. What he says - that you must forgive to feel free and free up space in your heart - is exactly what well known authors and experts say, though perhaps, without the religious emphasis.

Finally, I like it that Mr. Watts stays true to his main character while still writing a book for everyone. Although, at times he briefly tells other characters’ stories, he never strays too far from his main character, with the exception of Tamara, the central female character. To not fully develop this figure and examine her flaws and strengths would cause the book not to be “meant for” females and well as males. Regardless of your religious persuasion, sex or age (even teens can benefit from reading the book), Destiny Deferred is a book worth your time, and one that you will enjoy and that will leave you feeling good.
wendy whitfield 

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