Flee to the Mountains
Flee to the Mountains
Book One of the Sanctuary Ranch Series
Perfect Bound Softcover
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The United States is on the brink of chaos, with terrorism threats and the persecution of Christians continuing to escalate. Devout Christians George and Elizabeth Hamilton receive a vision from God to prepare for very hard times. When they win the lottery, they know God has given them the green light to start their plans. The couple establishes Hope Foundation, a nonprofit organization that funds food banks, food kitchens, orphanages, and missionaries. They also purchase land in the mountains to establish a sanctuary for believers and begin researching how to become completely self-sufficient. With the help of their new employee, Janie, and their family, the ranch eventually becomes a small community, complete with housing, storage buildings, a medical clinic, and a chapel. When a terrorist strike plunges the world into havoc and Christians are herded into detention camps, the ranch becomes a place of refuge for those being persecuted. The Hamiltons are unprepared for just how many Christians need their help and for the constant conflicts that ensue with so many people in one place. Will the ranch be able to survive a world in turmoil, or will their perfectly constructed sanctuary be destroyed from within?

Ten year old Hector Gonzales watched as the three vans parked along 5th Street. Six men got out and came together to talk on the street corner. Hector moved closer so that he could hear what the men were saying. He had good reasons for being careful. The bad men had nearly taken him and his sister two weeks earlier. The bad men had taken Bill and Trent who had escaped four days later and brought horrible stories of punishment for anyone who dared disagree with them. Finally he was close enough to hear so he crouched down and listened. “We must be careful not to scare any of the kids,” George said. “Pastor Phil got word yesterday some official vehicles went around this area and gathered up as many children as they could carry in their vehicles. He has an acquaintance who was a guard at the children’s dormitory. He reported that a young fourteen year girl was comforting the others with Bible stories about Jesus. She told the other children to be brave and Jesus would be with them. During the night two women came and took her away. They gave her an over dose of sleeping medicine and killed her. They said they could not have her telling the other children lies and fairy tales. The guard said that was it for him. He was one of those people who always said nothing like this could happen in our country. I guess they proved him wrong.” “So, murder is better than fairy tales?” Gordon said sarcastically. Hector held back a sob. He was sure that was Becky. She was always telling the street kids about Jesus. She was kind and loving to everyone. Her father had been a pastor of some large church until he was killed by a drive by shooter six months ago. Several days later the dark vans pulled up and they had taken Becky’s mother and her two brothers. Becky had seen the van pull up and had hidden in the bushes in her special place like her mother had told her to do if any strangers came to their house. They had loaded her family into the van and driven off. That was the last time Becky had seen them. No one had ever come back to the house and Becky never used the lights but she had stayed there anyway. She had fed many with the food in her pantry. Hector was sure many of them would have starved to death if Becky had not helped them. Besides, Hector had really liked Becky. Hector forced himself to go back to listening to the men even though all he really wanted to do was go back to his hideout and cry. “These kids have been traumatized enough. We will try to get them to come with us but we will not force anyone. They come only if they want to.” “Can we tell them about the ranch and what we do there?” Manny Hollister asked. “I think it would be best to tell them as little as possible until we are on our way. We do not want many to know about the ranch in case the officials come back again and they get taken. Let’s pray before we get started.” The men bowed their heads and asked for guidance from above. “Father in Heaven, we are on a rescue mission here. We know there are many children who are out here on the streets fending for themselves. We know some of these children have been abandoned, other physically and mentally abused, and some have run away from bad circumstances. Father, we bind Satan from lying to these children telling them we mean them harm. We lose your spirit of love, kindness and compassion to flow through us and draw as many children as possible to us. We are your servants. Guide and direct us as only you can. Amen. “Okay let’s go. Stay in teams of two and let’s meet back here in two hours.” They had checked the area carefully for the past two days for any official vehicles in the area while they had contacted the local pastors they could find. They brought food and blankets for those who might need them. They did not want to explain their real reason for being there. Gordon Jensen and George were teamed together. They started out checking out the allies and empty buildings. Hector followed at a comfortable distance. The big man who prayed seemed to be the one in charge. The prayer had sealed it for Hector, these men were there to help but being cautious by nature he followed for a while. His Mamma had been a Christian. She had taught Hector and Suzanna about Jesus since they were tiny. Now he would watch and see if these men could be trusted. “Jesus if these men are Christians and they really mean to help us, please let me know,” Hector prayed silently. “They are mine. You can trust them. Go with them.” Hector smiled brightly and walked a little faster to catch up.

Donna J. Benson grew up on an almond ranch in northern California. She has been married to her high school sweetheart, Bob, for nearly forty years, and they have three children and two grandchildren. The couple currently drives a semi-truck as a team and travel around the United States and Canada.
Flee to the Mountains is a timeless masterpiece, set within the challenging confines of our present culture. This book is replete with the hard realities of life which have been common to every relationship,every family, and every community across the generations, and yet Donna's book addresses, with a fresh voice, the escalating perils of our day and what our appropriate Christian response to those perils needs to be. Beyond this, the book is threaded with scriptural principles for authentic Christian living, whether ours proves to be the last generation or not. This book speaks beyond denominational boundaries and addresses the common ground of our faith, showcasing what it "looks like" to be a Christian in our pedestrian affairs. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to gain an understanding of how they can become empowered to navigate the challenges of our culture and make a positive difference wherever they are.

Rose Ottosen 

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