Skits with a Touch of Humor and Women of the Bible Study Guides
Skits with a Touch of Humor and Women of the Bible Study Guides
Under the Magnifying Glass: Taking a Closer Look at the Women of the Bible
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Ever wanted to eavesdrop on conversations between women of the Bible? Here’s your chance to experience “what might have been” with this fun-filled compilation of short skits on prominent biblical women.

Using a good dose of humor, Edna James has pulled back the curtain on several women of the Bible to point out spiritual truths that do not stray from biblical teachings. She shows how Eve may have dealt with everyone faulting her for eating the apple, explores the rivalry between sisters Rebekah and Leah, and reveals the deep friendship and love between Naomi and Ruth. Several other skits also focus on how biblical women dealt with the consequences of their decisions.

In addition, James includes a study guide for each skit. She provides the relevant Bible verses pertaining to the stories, and asks pertinent questions for further reflection. Women of all ages can use these guides to stop and think about their lives and how they might have responded if they had been faced with the same circumstances as these biblical women.

Useful for Sunday school lessons, women’s groups, or ministries, Women of the Bible is sure to inspire and encourage!

Genesis 2:18-5:3
1. Why was Eve created? ____________________________________________________
2. How was she created? __________________________________________________

3. What was the first name given to her? By whom? _____________________________
4. What had occurred to cause her to be named Eve? _____________________________
5. Who changed her name? Why? ___________________________________________

6. Discuss. Did Adam know something or was she pregnant already? ________________
7. What other name did she have and who named her? (see Gen.5) _________________
8. Name the two people who were created, not born. ____________________________
9. Name the three people of the earth who did not inherit sin? Explain. ______________ ____________________________________________________________ ___________
10. Name some of the many firsts for Eve _____________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________
11. Did you name that Eve was the first one attacked by Satan on earth? Do you think
that the serpent could really talk, the first talking animal; Eve didn't seem surprised?
Read Isaiah 14:12-14 and Ezekiel 28:13-17. Where was Satan's first attack? On whom? ____________________________________________________________ _______
12. Besides Satan, what two other names are used in Isaiah and Ezekiel, respectively? ____________________________________________________________ __________
13. How did Satan get to earth? _________________________________________
14. How do we know that we can apply these scriptures to Genesis? (see II Timothy
3:16, 17)
15. Name and define the characteristic that the serpent (hopefully not we) possessed that
made it a good candidate to be used by Satan.
16. What characteristics of the devil are stated in John 8:44? ______________________
17. Satan gave Eve a pre-test on God's Word. Did she pass? Explain._______________ ____________________________________________________________ ___________18. What does II Timothy 2:15 say about God's Word?_____________________________
19. Do you study to really know God's Word? What does Hosea 4:6 say about the
consequences of the willful lack of knowledge? ______________________________

Edna Yvonne James has a BS in secondary education and an MA in English language and literature. She taught junior and senior high school English in East St. Louis, Illinois, for thirty-six years before retiring. She is also the author of Seeds for Sermons, Talks, and Addresses. James and her husband, Harvey, have been married for forty-four years. They have three children.

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