The Real Jesus
The Real Jesus
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Although disgusted by religion, Zechariah, a wellrespected first-century journalist, is sent on a journey requiring his utmost attention to that very subject.

Zechariah reports for the greater area of Israel, and his boss sends him to do a character study on the man currently enchanting the local population: Jesus. Zechariah thinks it will be just another assignment, but it turns out to be bigger than any story he could have imagined. Th rough interviews with those who know Jesus—including shepherds, a magi, Mary and Joseph, those known as disciples, and even the taxpayer Zacchaeus—Zechariah begins to unearth the true nature of this man who claims to be a “Savior.”

More importantly, Zechariah starts to wonder if his aversion to religion is warranted, especially when Jesus teaches new concepts such as grace and forgiveness. Step by step, he comes to realize the enormity of the message Jesus brings and what it can mean for all of mankind.

Humorous, innovative, and inspiring, Th e Real Jesus follows one man on a life-altering journey from conformity and unbelief to transformation and peace.

The next few days I spent collecting notes and information, and I even interviewed a few people around my village who heard about this Jesus. I’ve quickly realized the potential of this story. The news I’ve received just about made me fall face forward in disbelief. Virgin birth? Healings? Miracles? Savior? This last one caught me off guard. Savior? What do people need to be saved from? Surely I don’t need saving. Maybe others do, but not me. After many days of research, and even more deliberation on whether to take this job or run from it, I am ready for Bethlehem. With all of this research, I now know why I was specifically chosen for this assignment. My boss knows the feelings I have on religion and he sent me to debunk this guy. Prove he’s a hoax. I’ll bet he never asked anyone else to take the story. He just wanted to get me on it. Well, this Jesus must have a lot of people fooled. Not me. I’ll show everyone who he really is. With all that said, I have my storyline. I have my shoes. Time to get to Bethlehem.
Jeffrey Waite is an author of religious fiction and poetry. He works for a local pest control company, and he enjoys singing and watching Detroit Red Wings hockey. Waite and his wife live in Byron Center, Michigan.

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