Emily Goes to Church
Emily Goes to Church
Saddle Stitch Softcover
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Maybe you have never been to church before. Maybe you have gone to church every day since you were born! What is church, and why do we do the things we do there? Emily Goes to Church tells the story of a girl who experiences church for the very first time with her best friend, Matt. Through her eyes, we learn about God’s great love for us and what church is really all about. This storybook contains bonus materials including Bible Verses We Can Read Together, Matt’s Mom’s Explanation of Big Church Words, and How to Become a Christian.

Matt loves going to church every week with his family. Emily and her family have never been to church though. Matt wanted to share church with his dear friend, so he asked his Mom one day if they could take Emily to church with them. Excitedly, his Mom agreed. So Matt invited his best friend to come to church with them the next Sunday. Emily was excited to go to church with Matt. She was a little nervous too! She had never been before. “What will it be like?” Emily wondered. “What should I wear to church? Do you have to wear something special?” Emily asked. “God cares most about your heart,” Matt answered, “just come like you are.”

Sarah Clower loves her Lord Jesus and the people of His church and has a passion that they would know and love Him better, even from a very early age. Sarah works as a registered nurse, and is a pastor's wife and children's discipleship class leader at their growing rural Alabama church. Sarah and her husband, Chase, are following God's call wherever He may lead, along with their rowdy, lovable American bulldog, Charlie.

I just read this book today. It is one of the best Christian childrens books that I have reviewed in a very long time. It has just the right amount of fun reading for kids and solid Biblical teaching about church. I highly recommend it!
D. Bryan 

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Saddle Stitch Softcover
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