Echoes Out of My Heart
Echoes Out of My Heart
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Echoes Out of My Heart is inspirational poetry on a wide variety of subjects, including poems about Martin Luther King, Jr. (A Man on a Mission), Adrian T. Westney, J. Glen Roberts, nature, love, animals, spirituality, the awesome power of prayer, God’s guiding hand, and glimpses of heaven.

Take a journey into Echoes Out of My Heart. For peace of mind, one can look down at a garden of tranquil clouds, see land, seawater, and sand; feel the passion in a mother’s love; understand why we all live in an old clay house and yet have aspirations to fly; while remembering those who gave you wings to soar and tell the greatest story ever told. In the mind’s eye on a tropical island, you will see a live dinosaur rushing out of the sea; smell the fragrance of a variety of tropical spices, then experience a tropical sunset, the constellation of a starry night, the magnificence of a tropical moon; and the forces of nature in volcanic lava and know that God cares.


Oh! My love,
I love you so much;
Let me hold you in my arms,
For they are long and strong.

I want you to take my love,
For it has no end,
I’ll guide you along life’s journey,
And I’ll feed you when hungry.

I’ll give you crystal clear water,
That will never, never run dry,
That spouts high from a fountain,
To help you climb life’s mountains,

Look deep into my eyes,
And you’ll see beyond the sky.
Gaze straight into my face,
There you’ll see amazing grace,
And I’ll hold you in my embrace.

Oh! How I want your heart,
You were mine from the start,
I know every part of your body,
Externally and internally.

I know the way you walk,
And even the way you talk,
I know when you’re hungry,
And even when you’re thirsty.

Please, let me hold your hand,
I’ll walk you through this vast land,
I’ll stay close to you when no one is around,
And I won’t ever let you down,
I’ll always keep you in my sight,
And I’ll be in every battle you fight.

I’ll be there for you to lean on my breast,
When you’re tired and need to rest,
I’ll be with you in the morning,
Evening and mid-night,
I’ll always hold you so tight.

I’ll be watching you,
When sleeping and waking,
Oh girl! You are the “apple of my eye”
And you are always on my mind.

Please don’t ever go away,
Or let your thoughts even stray,
For I’m in your life to stay,
Oh! My love,
My love is endless,
It will never die.

And when this life on earth is o’er,
I’ll renew your life to last forever,
For I’m taking it and you with me,
To spend eternity beyond the sky,
For I’m Eternal.

Oh Yes! I’m your Father, your mother,
Your husband, your lover,
Your brother, your sister.
Oh yes! I’m your Maker!

MARGARET BUCKMIRE was born in Grenada in the Caribbean. As a teenager, she immigrated to Trinidad, and attended the School of Commerce to become a stenographer. There she began writing imaginative stories. In 1974, she returned to Grenada and worked for McCartney & Williams before immigrating to the United States, where she attended Smith Business School and obtained a diploma in business writing and stenography. She also did expository writing and creative writing from Howard University and the University of Maryland, University College, respectively. She served as associate editor for the Metropolitan Voice newsletter of the Metropolitan SDA Church and secretary for the Fifty Plus Association. She also worked for the Potomac Electric Power Company, Howard University, and Laurel Regional Hospital as a stenographer-secretary and administrative assistant, respectively, before retiring in 2004. Two of her poems were published by the National Library of Poetry.

I am waiting with bated breath to read Magaret's anthology of poems. I've heard Margaret recite some of her works before, and she has a natural gift. If the free preview, 'My Love' is an indication of things to come, I know we're in for a treat. I will most definitely purchase a copy of her book, "Echoes Out of My Heart."
Mavis Bullard 
Great book !!! Must read
Suezette Parkinson 

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