Fractured Faith
Fractured Faith
Perfect Bound Softcover
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For Clinton and Stephanie Rogers, marriage is a grand adventure and an ideal to be attained. Clint believes that his love for Stephanie will be enough to keep them together through thick and thin—but sometimes love isn’t enough.

Unfortunately, Stephanie’s innocent upbringing, her constant need to please her parents, and her inexperience with other men makes her vulnerable to advances from other suitors. Even after the birth of two children, Stephanie pursues happiness outside her marriage, engaging in flirtatious e-mails and online communications. Clint’s suspicions lead to a full-blown confrontation, and their marriage eventually ends in divorce.

Now the two must put their lives back together, and it’s not going to be easy. Clint sees his doomed marriage as just another failure in a long list, and he wants answers from God. He wonders why God has turned a blind eye to his travails and allowed him to fall time and time again.

Through a few special people, including Clint’s mother and his best friend Ray, Clint may just find out what it really means to be a man of faith.

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Altie Holcomb is a retired US Marine Corps officer. A graduate of San Diego State University and Wayland Baptist University, he resides in Menifee, California, with his wife and children. Fractured Faith is his first book.

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Perfect Bound Softcover
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