God's View of You
God's View of You
Biblical Worth for Women
Perfect Bound Softcover
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How would your life change if you started seeing yourself through God's eyes instead of your own? As women, we tend to base our self-worth on our outward appearances, circumstances, past hurts-and those sleek magazine photos. When we look at ourselves through our own eyes, our distorted perception can lead to painful emotions and negative behaviors. Our days (and nights) may be filled with anxiety, depression, relational problems, eating disorders or addictive behaviors. But what if we relied on God for our worth and value instead of chasing the illusion that we could be happy if only we had the right hairstyle, right job, or right relationship? Colleen Mehrer encourages women to see themselves as God does. Unlike many self-help workshops and books, God's View of You is biblically based and begins with the belief that God is the one who determines our worth and reveals the truth about us. Colleen challenges you not only to read, but also to spend time with God as you examine your beliefs about yourself. Each section is followed by questions and exercises that will help get you started on an exciting journey. Get ready to discover. Get ready to change. Get ready to let God renew your vision of yourself! If you would like to share these biblical truths with others, God's View of You includes a leader's guide. God's View of You Student Workbooks are available for small group members.

When we view ourselves through the lenses of the world around us, we get a distorted picture of ourselves. We often see someone who doesn’t quite measure up. When our self-worth is based on beauty or performance, failure is always looming. We wake up with zits, or we spill coffee on the boss at lunch. Perhaps it’s weightier than that. We face permanent disfigurement from an accident or get fired from our dream job. Whether simple or serious, we often base our perceptions of ourselves on our circumstances and what other people think about us. This fickle basis for our worth can produce feelings of insecurity, inadequacy, fear, and anxiety.

In God’s View of You, we learn to view ourselves through the clear lenses of God’s Word. When we see ourselves as God sees us, we can replace our fears and insecurity with confidence in God and His ability to provide our peace and security. Wherever you are in life, you can benefit from a renewed view of you. Women from eighteen to eighty have found this material to be valuable, practical, and even life-changing.

As a mental health practitioner, I have shared material from God’s View of You with my clients and found it to be very beneficial, as they have gained more insight into what affects their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. The information provides a tool kit to live in this world through your faith in Christ. As a mother, I was so pleased when my daughter decided to attend the God’s View of You Bible study. The information helped her understand more about her identity in Christ and assisted her in battling her eating disorder.

Karen Leslie, MSW, LICSW,
Pathways Psychological Services

God’s View of You points to our true Source of value like no other teaching I have been through. It is saturated with God’s Word, and encourages you to meditate on suggested scriptures. God is the only One who can truly make changes in us, and this study leads you through life-changing verses.

Joyce Dick

Thank you, Colleen for all the love, energy and time you have poured into this Bible study. It has helped me work through so much, and also encouraged me to take the leap I needed to take to say “no more” to my eating disorder because I am confident in God and His Word.

Kelly Leslie

I have felt rejection in my life with a capital “R,” but now I look into God’s Word and am lifted up. God’s View of You has given me spiritual direction and shown me how alive God’s Word is.

Karen S.

Colleen Mehrer is a wife and the mother of two adult sons. She has worked in health education for several years but is also passionate about spiritual health. Ten years of leading groups of women in the study of biblical worth led her to write God’s View of You. Colleen currently lives in Minnesota.

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