Simon's Great Adventure
Simon's Great Adventure
A Skunk's Tale of Obedience
Saddle Stitch Softcover
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Simon is a young skunk excited to follow and obey God—until God makes a request that Simon doesn’t want to fulfill. God tells Simon to travel to meet a sea captain. Simon tries to disobey God, but because of his restless heart he is unable. Simon’s obedience is not only vital to Simon, but to all the skunks of the future. This is one boat you don’t want to miss!

Simon’s Great Adventure: A Tale of Obedience is the best book to teach young children about the importance of obeying God. Simon goes through the natural thoughts we go through when obeying God is hard. But as we have all learned, though it may be hard at times, it is always what’s best.

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Chad Swaringen is a youth and children’s pastor in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. He studied at Christ for the Nations Institute and received his BA in biblical studies and pastoral ministry at Criswell College in Dallas, Texas. Chad is a devoted husband to his wife, Magan, and proud father of two adventurous children, Chad William II and Isabella Grace. His desire is for this generation to know God’s truth and to live out His purpose for their lives.

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Saddle Stitch Softcover
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