Guilty as Charged … Forgiven as Promised
Guilty as Charged … Forgiven as Promised
A Story of Guilt and Shame, A Journey Through Depression, and the Joy of Finding God’s Forgiveness
Perfect Bound Softcover
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There are good secrets—the kind that are fun and exciting, the kind that you’re anxious to share. And there are bad, dark secrets—the ones you may hope and pray are never found out. Even so, like a blockage in a pipe that sends water to places it is not wanted, such secrets make themselves known.


Guilty as Charged … Forgiven as Promised is author Sally Simmone’s story of her struggle to rise from the depths of depression caused by the guilt and shame of childhood sexual molestation and wrong choices made as a young adult. Simmone finally broke under the load of secrecy and shame and shared her secret with a friend. With the events of her life open before her, the pain was more than she could bear, and she sank into a deep depression.

 After years of counseling and even hospitalization, her journey led her to discover the depth of her Savior’s love. She shares some of the specific ways God brought her to where she is today and concludes with a Bible study on how one can find forgiveness from God—and oneself. The Bible teaches us to forgive others, even when it doesn’t seem possible.

 Simmone emerged into the sunlight of knowing God’s healing and forgiveness. Guilty as Charged … Forgiven as Promised can help and inspire those who live with a hidden secret to do the same.

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Sally Simmone is an elementary school teacher. She has shared her “Guilty as Charged … Forgiven as Promised” message in churches, at women’s retreats, and at a women’s prison. She and her husband, Dan, a minister of music and worship, live in Fayetteville, Georgia. They have two grown daughters and four grandchildren.

This is a very emotional book. It will surley help someone going through depression or guilt of molestation. It was an easy read and hard to put down.
Dara Treadwell 
A must read for anyone who has ever felt guilt or shame. The author shares her incredible, heart breaking journey to finding peace through God's grace and mercy.
Connie Warford 

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