Just Johnny
Just Johnny
Saddle Stitch Softcover
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Superman and Batman may be fictional, but there is a real hero among us. Many little boys are driven by heroism—the desire to be brave and strong, to protect, to be confident. We can give our children a real hero—an example of how to live their lives. We can point them to the Hero who has the power not only to save them, but also to transform them into heroes themselves. The True Hero is waiting for your call, ready to fill you with his amazing power. Just Johnny identifies with the hearts and minds of many little boys. Johnny is a little boy who wants to be a superhero. With his favorite cape, he can be the hero he wishes to be. Without his cape, he’s just Johnny. As Johnny gets closer to what’s been holding him back, his mom helps open his eyes to the truth. He may think he’s just an ordinary kid, but he holds an extraordinary power. Will Johnny let go of his favorite cape and take hold of the Truth?

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Katie Randels-Parks became a Christian at the age of four. She is the youngest of three kids, raised by parents who put God in the center of their family. She was thankful for the home God gave her; it was safe and secure. But Katie looked more to her parents than she did to God. Her dad was the one she called to for rescuing; and her mom, when she needed to talk. At the age of twenty, Katie became a wife. She had a new man to protect her and a new best friend to talk to. Soon after, she discovered she would be a mom. Her child was a precious baby boy, ready for an adventure. Being a mom was one of the greatest blessings Katie had ever known, but it was also one of the most challenging. This child began to open her eyes and heart wider than ever. She knew God was using this boy to strengthen and transform her.

At twenty-four, Katie was blessed with another baby boy. Katie felt she had all she needed, but God had another plan in mind. When life took an unexpected turn, God began testing Katie, challenging her more than ever. Katie felt confused and fearful, but she discovered what she had been missing in her life. As a little girl, she had looked to her dad, and as a young wife, she had looked to her husband. But Katie discovered the only one to save her was God. Katie began seeking a relationship with God like never before and became passionate about Him. As life got harder, Katie's trust and hope in the Lord became stronger. Katie knew God was preparing her for something, but she never imagined what would happen next.

At twenty-six, Katie became a widowed, single mother of two young boys. Katie felt crushed and more confused than ever. But she soon discovered that it wasn't the end—rather, it was just the beginning. She had two innocent sons to take care of—sons God entrusted her with. As God comforted Katie, she was able to comfort her sons. God filled her up so that she could be the mom her sons needed. Katie knows that without Him, all would be impossible. Life continues to be a challenge, but Katie knows God has the plan and purpose. Katie desires for her sons to be confident in the Lord, knowing He is their help in times of trouble. When she can't be there, God will always be. Katie desires for her sons to live the life God has for them; to believe in His power, which they now hold; and to know that with Him there is nothing they can't overcome.

Katie now lives in Tucson, Arizona, where she can see the mountains God has created—and she knows His power to move them. Katie lives for today and hopes for tomorrow as she follows God. Never knowing what tomorrow will bring, Katie has confidence that God is in control.

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Saddle Stitch Softcover
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