A Pastor's Guide To Conducting A Funeral
A Pastor's Guide To Conducting A Funeral
Things Every Pastor Needs To Know, But May Have Been Afraid To Ask
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A Pastor’s Guide to Conducting a Funeral: Things Every Pastor Needs to Know, But May Have Been Afraid to Ask gives pastors, chaplains, and other caregivers clear and concise guidance for responding to the profound needs of people facing the deaths of loved ones. It is a tool that every ministry student and pastor can benefit from. 

Dr. Gregory F. Jackson, senior pastor of the First Southern Baptist Church in Camden, Ohio, has shared over two hundred funerals with the people of his rural community during the past seventeen years. These experiences shape the book’s research and guide its practical and timely advice.


Young pastors may wonder, “What should I say and do at the funeral home or at the grave? What will help families face their losses with faith and trust in God?” Older pastors might ask, “How can I refresh my ministry at the time of death?” No matter what stage of ministry you find yourself in, this book can be your companion. It can help you when you are uncertain about the best approach to a family’s grief or when you need insight into to a family’s special needs.

This is a book that evey pastor needs to read. Each chapter includes results of surveys of pastors and funeral directors and ends with a short list of insights pastors need to know to serve more compassionately and effectively. As an added bonus, the book concludes with “A Baker’s Dozen of Funeral Director Nuggets,” sharing the most important tips funeral directors wished pastors knew about how to lead thoughtful funeral services with dignity.

My friend Greg Jackson has given every pastor not only a guide for conducting funerals, but a gift!  His personal and practical insights will assist us in ministering to the hurting.  THIS is a winner!


    Dr. Ernest L. Easley, Senior Pastor

    Roswell Street Baptist Church

    Marietta, Georgia 



Conducting A Funeral is a must read for every pastor.  Pastor Greg Jackson offers so many helpful tips on how a pastor can effectively and intentionally minister to families who are dealing with death.  I believe you will also find, as I did, the chapter on the importance of the pastor’s relationship with a funeral director to be especially helpful.  As important as this moment of ministry is in the lives of those trying to make sense of the painful reality of death, it is vital that every pastor be prepared.  This book is very well written and will assist both the novice as well as the experienced pastor in maximizing their effectiveness in ministry.  I recommend you read it.


    Dr. Michael Landry , Senior Pastor, Sarasota Baptist Church



Thank you Greg!!!  Your honesty, compassion, and obvious wisdom as a Senior Pastor at the same church for an extended number of years comes through on every page!  Funerals and death are always a challenge, even for the most seasoned pastor.  Thus, I whole-heartedly recommend this book for any person in ministry, especially if you are just starting out!


    Dr. David Wheeler, Associate Director of Ministry Training Center,
     ;Professor of Evangelism Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary


Junior was his name, and that name was a household word here in Camden. He was the long time local funeral director. Everyone knew him, loved him, and had nothing but good to say about him. I understood why immediately, after working with him in those early funerals. His kindness to me as a new pastor, helped set the tone for me in this area of ministry. He taught me how to be a people person, and he led me by the hand in those early years. There was calmness in his voice, a steadiness in his step, and peacefulness about his character. Junior taught me a valuable truth, and probably didn't realize that he was even doing it. He taught me a truth that modeled a characteristic of Christ. The truth is, everyone, and every family is important. Remember, the call will come, and God will use a Junior to help you wherever you serve. It will be the local funeral director.

For me, I never fully understood the impact that Junior had on my life and ministry until the news hit me in the face like a cold January wind. I remember it well. While standing at a hospital bedside with some members of the church, a wife walked in and shared, that she had just heard that Junior did not wake up that morning at home. He had died in his sleep. Hours later, the family called, and this time it wasn't the familiar voice, it was Junior's children, and this time they were asking if I would be part of preaching his funeral. It was the call. With people standing all over the funeral home, and even outside, I was seated by a Presbyterian pastor and a Methodist pastor. We opened the Bible, and shared about a great God who loved a great man. I remember sitting there in prayer, asking God to give me something to say. The Lord answered that prayer by simply having me share Scripture. It was the Word of God that spoke to the hearts of the family. It was a defining moment for me. After several days, the phone rang again; it was the call, but this time from another voice. It was a call to preach another funeral.

After preaching more than two hundred funeral sermons in seventeen years, Dr. Gregory F. Jackson offers seasoned advice and focused research in A Pastor’s Guide to Conducting a Funeral. He serves as senior pastor of the First Southern Baptist Church in Camden, Ohio, a rural community. He is married to Renee, and they have two children, Drew and Stacy. They also are enjoying their first grandchild.

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