Are You Heaven Bound?
Are You Heaven Bound?
Proof That God and His Son Jesus Christ Exist
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Frank and honest, Are You Heaven Bound? serves as a wake-up call for those mired in disbelief and as a reaffirming message of God’s promise to Christians everywhere. Author John Orr offers an overview of most of the sixty-six books of the Bible, starting with God’s dealings with mankind in the Old Testament through the coming of Jesus and the disciples’ work in the New Testament.

Using Scripture, Orr shows how God continually warned His people of the consequences of disobedience and unbelief and explains how those who turn their face from God will spend eternity away from Him. Discussion of several key biblical truths also offers encouragement and motivation to Christians and creates a springboard for further study in the Bible. Orr explores Jesus Christ’s fulfillment of Old Testament prophesies, God’s power over all creation, the reality of God’s wrath and judgment, and much more.

Spending eternity without the Lord is unthinkable. Are You Heaven Bound? offers a road map to help you discover salvation with Jesus Christ!

God knows every single person on earth. God gives everyone a choice to believe in His Son Jesus Christ or face His wrath. It is my opinion that everyone on this earth who does not believe there is a God is playing Russian Roulette with their lives. People are either gambling that God does not exist, and that there is no heaven or hell; or they t may be indifferent about God. We are, my friends, on this Earth for such a short time as compared to eternity. Everyone has a choice to either accept God and His Son Jesus Christ, or to spend eternity in hell that is reserved for non–believers.

God gives everyone a choice to believe in His Son Jesus Christ or face His wrath. We are on this earth for such a short time as compared to eternity. Everyone has a choice of accepting God and His Son Jesus Christ, or spend eternity in hell. In the Old Testament, the name of God was so revered that His name was rarely ever mentioned. Few people in this world today have respect for the holiness of God and His Son, Jesus Christ, as evidenced by what is heard coming out of their mouths! Will God have respect for those who have no respect for Him? I say again, very few people revere or have respect for the name of God and His Son otherwise they wouldn’t constantly take the Lords name in vain. This is frightening when we realize that God could return at any time, even as someone is swearing in His name. We have no inkling as to when the end time and the wrath of God will come. Jesus even said to His disciples in the book of Acts that only God knows when His wrath on civilization will occur. Therefore we must always be prepared for the final days.

Jack Orr served as a trustee and is currently a deacon in his church. After his first wife died of cancer, he remarried and now has seven children. Orr lives in Monroeville, Pennsylvania.

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