The Truth-Seeker’s Guide to Proving the Father, Proving the Son, and Applying the Holy Spirit
The Truth-Seeker’s Guide to Proving the Father, Proving the Son, and Applying the Holy Spirit
Analyzing the World Through a Biblical Lens
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The Truth-Seeker’s Guide to Proving the Father, Proving the Son, and Applying the Holy Spirit presents the stark contrast between biblical and secular worldviews. It illustrates the differing views on science, ancient history, and modern-day world events produced by these two perspectives. Regardless of the worldview you currently possess, the information presented here promises to provide much to contemplate. This thorough guide covers a wealth of information, from biology to archaeology, from ancient history to modern-day international crises, from astronomy to the fossil record, from Bible prophecy to globalization, from natural disasters to cults, from Darwin to religion, and much, much more. By analyzing such a wide range of issues, author Hans Christopher Wahl hopes to make obvious the differences between a biblical-lens worldview and a secular-lens worldview. This guide is presented in three sections. Section I presents the evidence of God’s existence; Section II presents evidence that both Jesus Christ and the Bible are God’s truth; and Section III builds upon these truths by applying God’s biblical Word to past and present world events, illuminating a biblical-lens perspective of the world. The Truth-Seeker’s Guide presents evidence, knowledge, and analysis that allow the humble truth-seeker to understand the world through a biblical-lens perspective and to recognize and accept God’s existence, Jesus Christ’s supremacy, and the Bible’s accuracy.

Charles Darwin once said, “The mystery of the beginning of all things is insoluble by us.” While Section I of this book presents modern evidence demonstrating why Darwin’s opinion is incorrect, his statement does illustrate the ultimate question posed by man throughout the generations: “Are we the product of a creation, or are we here by mere chance, evolving slowly throughout the course of millions of years?” That question transcends all generations, cultures, and ethnicities. Such a question encompasses a multitude of life’s other mysteries as well, such as the meaning of life, the reason for our existence, and our ultimate destiny. The debate over the answer to life’s ultimate question has continued for centuries. Yet, here we are in the 21st century. With all that mankind has been able to accomplish, we must have uncovered by now solid proof of life’s origin. If humans are a creation, there must be evidence of that within us. If Earth is a creation, there must be evidence of that on it. And if the universe is a creation, there must be evidence of that when looking out into it. Conversely, if evolution is true, then we must have uncovered solid evidence of that as well. With all of mankind’s technological advancements, surely, by now, we must be able to determine which “origin of life” scenario is correct. Indeed, our amazing technological advancements, made over the past generation, enable us to uncover the truth. The evidence is there. Occurring in the 21st century, for the first time in human history, the scientific community is able to produce solid, scientific evidence supporting creationism, and proving our Creator’s existence. In other words, there is proof that God exists. Creation evidence, however, is suppressed and ignored, and much of the public is unaware of such modern scientific discoveries. If our secular institutions were truly concerned about education backed by evidence, they would allocate equal time to presenting the evidence for both evolution science and creation science and let that evidence speak for itself. Unfortunately, within our secular world, everything receives equal time except for creation science and except for God. If creation science was given equal time within our schools, Section I provides the information, facts, and evidence that would be presented within that creation-science class. Acknowledging and coming to terms with God’s existence naturally leads one to contemplate which of the world’s religions is truly of God and represents the Word of God. Section II of this book addresses that issue and presents the evidence that leads to Jesus Christ and the Bible as being God’s truth. Jesus Christ is the focus of the Bible, and therefore, when it comes to both Jesus Christ and the Bible, one cannot be true and the other false. For one to be God’s truth, they must both be God’s truth. Section II, therefore, provides the evidence for both, one at a time. The first half of Section II presents evidence that the Bible is God’s Word, and the second half presents evidence that Jesus Christ is God’s Son. You may be thinking, “What is all of this evidence?” Before proceeding, ask yourself this—if there is indeed evidence proving that both the Bible and Jesus Christ are superior to all other religious claims, wouldn’t I want to know that prior to making any eternal decisions? Section II will not disappoint. Just as Section I provides the evidence of God’s existence, Section II provides the evidence for both Jesus Christ and the Bible. The evidence demonstrates that both stand the test of time as being God’s Word, God’s truth, and God’s path. The evidence presented within both Sections I and II is critical for analyzing the world through a biblical-lens perspective. Making sense out of our chaotic world, and properly understanding the events taking place within it, begins with the knowledge of God’s existence and the acceptance of Jesus Christ and the Bible as God’s truth. It is through that knowledge and acceptance that we receive the Holy Spirit, which helps us to discern God’s truth from the secular world’s lies. The third and final section of this book concerns the Holy Spirit—the third member of the Holy Trinity. The Holy Spirit illuminates God’s Word, and Section III applies God’s biblical Word to past and present world events—analyzing such events through a biblical-lens perspective. Performing such analysis demonstrates that with nearly every past and present world event there exists a conflict between what God’s Word says about it and what the secular world says about it. This difference in perception concerning the same world events represents the contrast between having a biblical worldview and a secular worldview. Section III explains that our world is in severe trouble today because too many people are analyzing global events through a secular worldview and, as a result, are missing God’s message to His creation. Today, there are never-ending conflicts, wars, recessions, financial crises, natural disasters, severe weather patterns, disease outbreaks, and various manmade catastrophes occurring across the entire globe. It is a world in flames, literally. Applying God’s Word to such modern-day events enables us to make sense out of what is occurring and to recognize that our world is in the fast lane headed straight towards tribulation just as prophesied within the Bible. Our generation has something that no other previous generation had, which is evidence of God’s existence, Jesus Christ’s supremacy, and the Bible’s literalness. The scientific and technological advancements made within our generation easily provide the truth for the truth-seeker. The Truth-Seeker’s Guide presents evidence and provides analysis, within a logical order and concise format, which allows the humble truth-seeker to understand the world through a biblical-lens perspective.

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