What Did You Say, God?
What Did You Say, God?
One Ordinary Life, One Extraordinary God
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Do you realize how extraordinary God is? Do you want to be more like Jesus? Are you growing in your Christian walk?


What Did You Say, God? chronicles the Christian walk of author Sadie Campagnone, highlighting her highs, lows, and praises. She presents a realistic and genuine view of the allowable intervention of God’s will into our everyday journey, His immeasurable love for each of us, and His consistent desire to intervene in the details of our personal lives. She also defines Jehovah’s unfathomable forgiving grace and His constant presence through the Holy Spirit.


We can know God intimately through the Holy Scriptures, and it is so important to be attuned to that still small voice inside of us that dictates peace. It is an individual choice. Obedience reaps blessing. Disobedience reaps chastisement.


What Did You Say, God? addresses battles of the flesh that constantly wear against the spirit. Full of divinely inspired poetry and prose, penned through some of the spiritual highs and lows of Campagnone’s ordinary life, this compilation is chronologically autobiographical, although each chapter subject is independent. The themes can be used as single subject devotionals or as Bible Study reference material.


Be inspired in your walk with God and know that He is the author of new beginnings.

His Son is My Eternal Friend 1 (My Testimony Poem) I found Him as a little girl Who needed protection in a great big world. I looked to Him to make me strong And keep me from doing what I felt was wrong. I had lived such an easy and sheltered life, So many blessings, so little strife; But something was missing all along, you see,For though I’d found Jesus, I’d not let Him find me. He is easy to find, I just had to look up; He is perfect and reigns over all; But He cannot find you ’til you see all your faults Then flat on your face you fall. Then He lifted me up, now helps me to stand; I no longer have to look up; He continuously walks beside me, And He daily fills my cup. The longer my hand is in His hand, The more on Him I depend; Praise God I never need walk alone; His Son is my eternal friend. - Sadie Campagnone, 1982

Born the daughter of an ordained Baptist minister, Sadie Campagnone’s spiritual roots are Southern Baptist. Retired, she resides with her husband, Ernie, in Loganville, Georgia. She has served as Sunday School Teacher, Director of Youth Group and Kid’s Choir and in prison ministry. This is her first book.

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