Jesus' World
Jesus' World
Romans, Priests, Crowds, Dusty Roads, Scrambled Eggs and All
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Two thousand years ago, God became human and walked the earth. While still God, Jesus was like us, experiencing the trials of human existence, the reality of material needs—hunger, cold, pain, and thirst. While people today share many commonalities with Christ, the modern world is very different from the Roman-controlled Middle East. Wouldn’t faith be strengthened if people had a deeper and more meaningful understanding of the time and place that God lived as a man? In Jesus’ World: Romans, Priests, Crowds, Dusty Roads, Scrambled Eggs and All, Charles A. Sennewald and Patricia Casey invite readers more directly into the life of Christ. Follow the authors over the unpaved roadways of Judea, Samaria, and Galilee. Based in Scripture, Jesus’ World shows the Holy Land as inhabited by Christ and His apostles, and in plain language reduces the gulf between the world of Jesus’ experiences and today, helping readers feel what He felt, marvel at His insight, and walk in His footprints. Jesus’ World can help you improve your understanding of Jesus and the world around him and strengthen your faith.

The limitless God of all time and all worlds chose to become a human man on our planet, in the Middle East, at a time about 2000 years ago. This book explores a little of what that becoming "flesh" meant in terms of the stuff he handled, the cultural norms he accepted, the friends he loved and the roads he walked. We would like you to feel with us the material world he felt -- to perhaps better experience and come to know the God-made-man who is Jesus.

This book is not a theological work, nor does it evaluate the religious beliefs and practices that existed when Jesus lived and worked in the Holy Land. We, your authors, are not biblical scholars or trained in the science of archeology. We are simple practicing Christians who wish to introduce the reader to Jesus, his life, his "home-land", his fellow Jewish countrymen and women, in a new light, in a new dimension. We've probed behind the scenes of the four gospels. We've developed more fully some of the customs and practices of His time. We've attempted to turn-back the clock and vicariously walked beside or behind Jesus in the ordinary and extraordinary feats of his day-in and day-out life. We hope you can hear the roosters, smell the flowers in the fields he passed through, cough in the dust caused by Him and his Apostles and other followers as they moved from place to place on unpaved roadways which crisscrossed Judea, Samaria, Galilee, and neighboring provinces.

Jesus, miraculously, was a man. He ate and drank like us. He shared our common emotions. He loved. He was frustrated. He was saddened by treachery and cruelty. His favorite breakfast may have included scrambled eggs.

Jesus was an interesting man, led an interesting life and was surrounded by all kinds of very interesting people. We're introducing the reader to some of these people.

We want the reader to focus on this most incredible human and love Him for his human life as well as for His sacred and holy existence and mission while here, busily fulfilling His Father's will and building His church.

Feel the pain, share the tear, laugh with Him, marvel at His insight, watch Him and talk with Him. This work, hopefully, will bring Him into your life, your home, and become forefront in your mind as well as in your heart.

Here's a prediction: after reading this book, the sound of a rooster will forever remind you of Jesus. And the many of us with our little faith need such reminders.

With over fifty years of experience in law enforcement and security, Charles A. Sennewald is an internationally recognized security management consultant, speaker, and expert witness. The author of fifteen books, for Jesus’ World, he is assisted by Patricia Casey, a former sister of St. Joseph of Carondelet for twenty-three years and a missionary-teacher in Japan for thirteen years. Currently both are involved in various ministries in their local church in San Marcos, California.

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Perfect Bound Softcover
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