From Appalachia to the White House
From Appalachia to the White House
My Life in the Secret Service Chronicles of the Life of Joe Dye
Casebound Hardcover
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Life on the farm in the mid-twentieth century was not one of leisure. It was hard work. And for one young boy, it was preparation for an adult career in law enforcement and government service.


From Appalachia to the White House tells the story of Joe Dye. Born in rural southwestern Virginia, this is a story of the joys and struggles of daily farm life in the mid-twentieth century: cutting hay, making sorghum molasses, killing hogs, and growing tobacco. It is also a story of hope, as Dye did not allow a leg condition keep him from a career in Washington DC, where he was employed by the FBI, the Metropolitan Police Department, and the US Secret Service White House Police,where he served six presidents. Laugh with Dye as he describes interactions and relationships with the likes of J. Edgar Hoover, John F. Kennedy Jr., Walter Mondale, and George H. W. Bush.


From Appalachia to the White House is entertaining and inspirational. It is also a true story of how God will provide for a life filled with many blessings.

I’ve already mentioned some facts about President Kennedy. There is much more I could say, but I would like to share a story about the President’s son, John Jr. He was called John John. When he was about two years old, I was standing outside the South Entrance to the White House that the first family used to enter and exit. John John, along with his nurse, came out of the building and he walked up to me, grabbed me by the leg, and started weaving in and out between both legs. He stopped and looked up at me with those big bright eyes and asked “Got any gum”? His nurse gave me a mean look and said “Don’t you dare give him gum”. John John continued weaving in and out between my legs and the nurse eventually led him off for a walk in the south grounds.

Joe Dye was born on a farm in southwestern Virginia. His professional life included stints with the FBI, Washington DC Metropolitan Police Department, and the US Secret Service White House police. Today, he enjoys retirement in Roanoke, Virginia, with his wife, Sue, and their two sons, two daughters-in-law, and three grandsons.

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