Moving Forward
Moving Forward
A True Inspirational Story of a Teen Mom
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Jennifer was a “good girl”—so how did she end up pregnant at seventeen? By the time the baby was born, her boyfriend had moved away; he said they could keep their long distance relationship strong, but they didn’t. They broke up, and Jennifer was left alone with a new baby and parents who looked at her differently. She was no longer their little girl; she was now a little mom. Having always wanted to go to college, Jennifer was disturbed by the lack of good educational programs for young mothers. She struggled, not only with her education, but with the way society—and friends—looked at her and her baby. Life was forever changed, and she felt very alone … until she remembered there was someone who would always love and support her, no matter the situation. Moving Forward is the true story of Jennifer Thomas—teenage mother, college graduate, wife, and follower of Christ. As soon as Jennifer turned her face to the Lord, she found hope. Her path rarely went in the direction she had planned, but God always has the best intentions for His children. A personal retelling of a painful path, Moving Forward will move you and make you believe in a limitless Savior.
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Jennifer Thomas had her first baby at the age of seventeen. An advocate of education, she has four associate’s degrees and a bachelor’s degree in early childhood development; she now works at a high school in California, teaching parenting classes to teen moms. She lives with her husband and their three children in Lompoc, California.
This book on the outside looks like it is only for teen mothers and females but im here to tell you this book is for everyone. If you are looking for answers about how to deal with teens, teen parenting, parents dealing with teen parents and unresolved issues in your life this book can help point you in the right direction to deal with them. This book is inspiring, funny, sad, educational and exciting. Im not a book reader yet I could not put it down. Thanks Jennifer
Moving Forward is a wonderfully encouraging story of a girl who with God's help turned into a wonderful woman and mother. She sought God's path for her and her Childs life and was rewarded for her faithfulness. I recommend this book to anyone especially those teen moms in need of encouragement in their lives.
Bridget Navarro  
This is one of the best books I have ever read. I could not put it down. From the beginning to end it intreaged and inspired me. It is funny and sad and everything in between, but most of all it shows how we shouldn't judge one another. God forgivies us when we cannot forgive ourselves, but mostly when others can't or will not forgive us. Thank you Jenny for writing such a wonderful book. I hope every teenager and parent in the United States and the world for that matter, reads this book.
Gary Scott 

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