Petey’s Listening Ears
Petey’s Listening Ears
Wisdom For Little Hearts
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Wisdom For Little Hearts is a children's book series by L.R.Knost designed to entertain and instruct children while equipping parents, teachers, and caregivers with 'Gentle Parenting' discipline techniques. The first book in the series, Petey's Listening Ears, follows lovable little Petey and his furry friend, Beans, as they struggle through a difficult day filled with bad choices and their unfortunate consequences. When Petey's father steps in with gentle guidance, Petey turns on his ‘listening ears,’ and his bad day turns into a good day! Wisdom For Little Hearts books provide effective tools to address specific discipline challenges in a gentle, positive manner.

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Petey was having a bad day.

First, his daddy said not to pull the cat’s tail. But Petey didn’t listen. He wanted his bunny friend, Beans, to get a cat-back ride.

The cat scratched Petey’s hand!

That made Petey cry.

Then his mommy said not to dump out his toy box all over the floor. But Petey didn’t listen. He wanted to play pirate ship with Beans.

Petey had to spend ALL MORNING picking up his toys!

That made Petey pout.

Then his sister said not to play with her makeup. But Petey didn’t listen. He wanted to play circus clowns with Beans.

Petey had to take a BATH in the middle of the day!

That made Petey mad.

At lunch, Daddy said, “Petey, you’re having a bad day, aren’t you?” Petey just hung his head and nodded.

Daddy said, “Did you forget to turn on your listening ears today?” Petey’s eyes filled with tears, and he nodded again. Daddy gave him a big hug.

“Why don’t you try turning on your listening ears now? I bet you’ll have a much better day.” Petey grinned and twisted the pretend knobs on his ears to turn his listening ears on.

Later, Petey’s daddy asked him to turn down the television. Petey listened, and his daddy gave him a big thumbs up!

L.R.Knost is a home-schooling mother of six and a published, award-winning author whose works include a devotional guide, a children's writing curriculum, and a children's church curriculum. She has written, produced, and directed numerous plays and church dramas and has won multiple awards for her poetry as well as an international award from Harlequin’s Steeple Hill Love Inspired Collection for her novel, The Hamilton Legacy.

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