The Book of Revelation Through a Woman's Eyes
The Book of Revelation Through a Woman's Eyes
A Commentary That Reads More Like A Novel
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Have you been curious about the Book of Revelation but avoided studying it? Perhaps you have found it too confusing or frightening, with its references to natural disasters and destruction. You may even have been told that it is irrelevant in today’s world, or too difficult to understand. But what if a friend offered to walk with you while you studied, helping to guide you through the often complex but deeply meaningful text? What if she made Revelation come alive from a woman’s perspective, a perspective that valued the book’s emotional and sensory aspects rather than being intimidated by them?


Bari Bair does just that, extending her hand to you as you study Revelation in all its rich detail. Verse by verse, you’ll discover that this powerful book, with its vivid imagery, is actually a story of hope and a call to salvation. It should not be set aside and avoided but rather embraced for its unique beauty and its significance to our modern times.


Taking this journey through Revelation will feel like sitting down with Bari herself over a cup of tea. Her warm, conversational style makes each chapter accessible and easy to understand. As you delve into its contents, you’ll learn about everything from the future role of angels and demons, to the Antichrist, to how God will turn evil into good. And you’ll find that Revelation is ultimately reassuring as it becomes increasingly clear that God has a plan for us, one that is unfolding day by day, and you will find peace knowing that God is in total control of all things.


Revelation is a book of hope not one of fear and Bari will echo this fact through the pages of her book.



    “On his robe and on his thigh he has this name written:


    Can you see a magnificent stead carrying the most valiant warrior ever known to man? Do you see them galloping at high speed into the center of battle? Can you hear the hoof beats of this mighty stead pounding the surface on which his hoofs meet? Can you hear the snorts of this beautiful animal as he anticipates the finished work of his master?

    Look up, for you are about to see the most magnificent sight ever; the rider in white, the Warrior of God.

    As He rides in the wind with His robe whipping back, I see revealed on His thigh His name; KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS!

    WOW! What a sight! Heavenly bumps everywhere.

     I see the clouds being thrown up as dust behind the horse’s hoofs. The ‘Lamb of God’ is now riding in as the ‘Lion of < s t r o n g > J u d a h < / s t rong>. The Warrior has come to finish what He came to do.

    All I can do at this moment is to bow down to my Lord and King, Jesus Christ. My mind’s eye sees Him so clearly now. I can almost reach out and touch Him. My senses are filled with the sights, sounds and smells of this vision. How glorious this scene is to my soul. Praise you Lord for this vision and for the hope of eternity with the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

    The enemy has lost. The sentence is about to be enforced. HALLELUJAH!!!

Bari Bair learned about Jesus as a very young child but did not accept Christ as her Savior until she was well into adulthood. During a time of intense study, she came to love Revelation. God had called her to fulfill a task and the writing of this book on Revelation was part of her calling. This is her first book.

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