Ten Weeks to Transformed Living
Ten Weeks to Transformed Living
Keys to the Spirit-filled Life
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In the works since 2005, Ten Weeks to Transformed Living has already been enthusiastically used in various church, Bible study and individual settings for years. Experienced Christians and new believers alike have found the material helpful and memorable.

Using a house building concept, Ten Weeks to Transformed Living shows you how to construct a life built upon sound doctrine that has everyday applications.  This workbook covers important topics such as being filled with the Holy Spirit, dealing with sin habits, finding a good church, improving marriage and parenting relationships, witnessing, dealing with trials and much more. 

There's even a companion resource, Teacher's Guide:  Ten Weeks to Transformed Living, that will help leaders and teachers effectively present this material. For more information, please visit:  www.firmfoundationstudies.com

So whether you are a long-time Christian or a new believer, if you are seeking a more vibrant relationship with God, here is a Christian growth and discipleship book that will help you find what you are looking for.

It's time to seek-and find-more of the abundant Christian life.  Get ready: Ten weeks from now, your life is going to be different!


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(Preview Excerpt from Chapter 2:  The Power of the Holy Spirit)

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What does it mean to be filled with the Holy Spirit? What is the fruit of the Spirit?

We already learned that God’s nature includes non-transferable attributes, qualities that He does not share with man. These include God’s sovereignty, omnipotence, omnipresence, holiness, and immutability. “The fruit of the Spirit,” however, is a composite expression of God’s transferable attributes, those qualities that Jesus demonstrated and that God expects His children to emulate.

Remember that God commands us to be filled by the Holy Spirit. This is not something we “hope” to receive or that only a few Christians should possess. When we exhibit “the fruit of the Spirit” in our lives, we are demonstrating evidence that we have allowed the Spirit to fill us and that we have “put on Christ” (Rom. 13:14; Gal. 3:27).


Transforming Truth: Spirit-filled living requires ongoing surrender to God.  If you are not filled with the Spirit right now, it is because He is not truly on the throne of your life at this moment.

Look for the fruit of the Spirit in your life!

Read Galatians 5:22, 23. There is only one composite “fruit of the Spirit”, not many “fruits.” We either exhibit the whole fruit of the Spirit or we lack it.  The fruit of the Spirit is not something that you work at or try to produce. Rather, it is the evidence that you are filled with the Holy Spirit.

The Fruit of the Spirit

LOVE: selfless living—the sacrifice of “self” for the sake of another, expecting nothing in return. It is a daily decision, an act of the will, not based on a feeling.

JOY: not happiness, but an expression of praise as we focus on God. Unlike happiness, it is not dependent on our circumstances.

PEACE: the inward calm and serenity of the soul, a heart that is at rest, regardless of circumstances. Peace comes from focusing on complete confidence in God, every single conscious minute. Peace is not the absence of conflict or problems but rather trusting God amid the conflict or problems.

PATIENCE: the ability and willingness to endure, to be steadfast under provocation, stress, or injury. Sometimes this is manifest by waiting, by “doing nothing” until God moves.

KINDNESS: a heart and mind term, it is the desire to make life easier for others. It involves caring, thinking about, noticing, touching, and helping others.

GOODNESS: an action-oriented word, it contains the notion of decency and uprightness. It is a way of living that is filled with holy actions.

FAITHFULNESS: loyalty, trustworthiness; reliable in thought, word, and deed. It is a willingness to ignore our feelings in order to accomplish whatever tasks God has called us to.


Judy Dembowiak graduated with a BS degree from the University of Arizona in 1982.  After moving back to Wisconsin, she held sales, executive and management positions in the insurance industry from 1983 until 1998 before leaving her career to home-school her children during their middle school and high school years. 

During that time, Judy pursued her passion to study the Bible. With the knowledge and support of her pastors, she wrote and taught year-round weekly neighborhood Bible studies that spanned nine years and covered the entire New Testament and Genesis through 2 Chronicles. 

Known at the time as Firm Foundation Adult Discipleship, Ten Weeks to Transformed Living was originally written in 2005 for use in the local church and it has been taught in various group and individual settings ever since.  Its focus has been to encourage a love and dependence on God’s Word, to instill sound doctrinal principles, and give practical applications for everyday life.

While initially written as a discipleship manual for new believers, the book has perhaps had the biggest impact on tenured Christians who have said that their faith has been revitalized, equipped and empowered.  Because others have also observed these results, Dembowiak was encouraged to publish her work so that Christians everywhere could benefit from it.

Judy and her husband, Tom, have been married since 1982 and they now live in Summerfield, NC.  They have two adult sons, Brandon and Preston, and a daughter in law, Tricia.

Also published in 2011, Teachers Guide:  Ten Weeks to Transformed Living. 

For more information, please visit the author's website at:  w w w . f irmfoundationstudies.com

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